Who am I? About Me

I’m Nabil SAFIR AKA LifeOfSafir, Graduated as an IT network engineer from IPI (Institut Poly Informatique ) Know as a Travel/Street photographer, born in Casablanca, Morocco.

And I am also working as a volunteer in too many associations such as ASEQ, ACSDmaroc as a website admin and documenting there works, (feel free to contact me if you want me to help on your Nonprofit Organization).

Most of my travels take me to various countries in Africa, Europe and some Asian countries and, of course, through my beloved country, Morocco. My pictures have been published in many of the most famous guide books, travel and lifestyle magazines (National Geographic for example) and calendars and can be purchased (Only in Morocco and France). I have also published a photographic book about Moroccan mountains (Al Atlas).
As a travel photographer, I found myself jumping between too many kind of photography such as wedding photography, family photo session, Local food photography … since I love everything that is involving the culture and the local traditions.

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